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Zombo Woman MP Afoyochan’s Sh2m For Vaccine Plan Gets A Nod In Buliisa


BULIISA: Friday, August 06, 2021

In Buliisa, Western Uganda, a proposal by Zombo district woman Member of Parliament (MP), Esther Afoyochan, that each of the 529 members of parliament contribute sh2m towards buying the coronavirus vaccines has landed on a fertile ground as two MPs have voiced their support to the proposal.

Allan Atugonza, the Buliisa Constituency MP said that proposal is a good idea, indicating that he is even willing to part with sh3m for the vaccination cause.

He added that individually, many MPs including himself are already making contributions towards fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

Allan Atugonza said Hon. Ester Afoyochan’s sh2m for vaccine proposal is welcome

If embraced by the rest of their colleagues, the MPs would raise sh1,058,000,000 or USD$299,311 enough to buy 42,758 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccines.

This would greatly boost the work of ministry of health towards saving the lives of Ugandans by protecting them against the dreaded virus.

However, Atugonza said his concern is that most of the time, the money borrowed by or donated to the government is not used for the right purpose.

“The problem is mismanagement of funds, even if we contributed sh3m, so long as it is misappropriated or misallocated to workshops, sensitization and mobilsation, we will not achieve the vaccination target,” he argued.

The MP advised the government to put all its resources, however limited they might be, to vaccinate the citizens.

His Bujenje constituency counterpart, Kenneth Nyendwoha said that whereas government has already allocated money for the procurement of Covid-19 jabs, every meaningful effort to quickly vaccinate the population has his full support.

So far, Uganda has inoculated 1,152,874 of her citizens but another round of vaccination is soon starting following donation of additional vaccines from the Netherlands and China.

The country to-date has registered 94,904 confirmed cases of Covid-19 with 87,633 recoveries and 2,752 deaths.


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