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After the Shanghai Expo 2010 that was dubbed the most expensive, most countries decided to use eco-friendly materials to build pavilions and focus more on boosting their economies through deals signed. As Dubai Expo 2020 opened on 1st October 2021, Uganda has taken lead in building a pavilion that is eco-friendly to the disappointment of those who expected a fancy one.

Robert Mukiza, Director General of Uganda Investment Authority announced that President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is going to be present as deals worth 700 million dollars will be signed and various companies issued with investment licences. Uganda’s projection is to attract more deals worth 4 billion dollars by the end of the expo in March 2022.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni arrived in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a 3-day working visit. He joined the Ugandan Delegation that arrived earlier for the World Trade Expo and has done a tremendous job marketing the country.

“I officiated at the opening ceremony of the Uganda National Day during the World Trade Expo in Dubai, UAE. My message to the world was that Uganda is ripe for investment, ready for profit-driven business, and the time is right NOW. #DubaiExpo2020″

He praised his hosts “the United Arab Emirates are a challenge to #Africa. They are a challenge to #Africa because they have turned a desert into a center of affluence. I don’t know what these #Africans are thinking.”

President Museveni made the case for Uganda, “when you come to invest in #Uganda, you can produce so many goods and so many services. the spectrum is so big its really unimaginable there is almost everything you can produce in Uganda from raw material of #agriculture, raw materials of forestry, raw material of crops, crops for food, crops for textile and crops for coffee.

“We are 42 million people, the youngest population. Will be a market of 106 million by 2050. Products can be sold to 1.4 billion people in Africa.”, President Museveni said.

Since Covid-19 pandemic hit all economies of the world, Uganda is set to use the Dubai Expo to boost or re-launch its economy when it signs billion-dollar investments in the next six months of Dubai Expo 2020  that opened on October 1, 2021.

Uganda has used eco-friendly materials that are preferred most as they are easy to dismantle after the expo, unlike huge investments that make countries lose a lot of money.

The Shanghai Expo 2010 left a number of buildings that proved useless after the event and were abandoned. Some, like Germany’s pavilion, were razed.

The Dubai Expo is targeting 25 million visitors who will have the opportunity to see Uganda marketing itself in an eco-friendly environment and that is what it’s back home. Uganda is expected to attract a big number of tourists and travelers who will be using Uganda airlines.

“Uganda is ripe for investment and ready for profit-driven business, and the right time is NOW” H.E President Museveni said.

Dubai’s South District has opened for the world’s greatest show — the largest international event amid a pandemic. Uganda is taking advantage of the event so that it attracts lots of investments.

Fifty thousand employees worked to complete 192 pavillions while 30,000 volunteers are ready to welcome the world.

With a reasonable budget and a sound legacy plan, a world’s fair can become a transformative opportunity for the hosts and visiting countries.

Emirati singer AhlamAlShamsi welcoming people from all over the world to her hometown UAE with her heartily euphoric voice. 




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