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By Stephen Ojacor

Soroti Industrial Park is taking shape as more factories are set up. It has Soroti Meat Packers, Cotton Ginneries and others.

The Evolution of the Teso Juice Factory now the only Giant Juice Processing Plant in
the region makes the place busy again as Iteso bounce their hope to the NRM

Uganda Eastern Regional NRM Vice Chairman Flight. Capt. Mike Mukula has
excited farmers of Teso Sub Region by constructing a multi-Billion Cereal Factory
in Soroti industrial Park.

The NRM boss is currently in the middle of the ongoing construction process of
the Cereal processing plant at Soroti industrial park in Aloet ward, Arapai Town
council a few meters away from Soroti fruit factory.

According to Hon Mukula, the project is purposeful on grounds of solving scarce
opportunities of Value addition to the cereal products, market scarcity and bridging
unemployment gap among the flocks of youths.

Speaking while inspecting his gargantuan investment, NRM boss revealed that he
legally acquired land exceeding twenty acres from Soroti industrial park of which he
intends to invest much on changing people’s livelihoods across Teso Sub region
through this turning point project.

“Much as government has spent Billions of shillings in setting up a modern fruit
processing factory to address the issue of market among the citrus farmers in the
region, Cereal farmers too need consideration and as a proven leader and born of
Teso, I have dedicated my resources to generate a backup solution to the NRM
government as we share a vision of adversely transforming Uganda”, he gently

He further disclosed that the Cereal processing factory shall absorb the Millet,
Sorghum, Sim – sim, Rice, Maize among other locally produced famous crops.

“Government is supporting farmers a lot through programs of Operation wealth
creation, Youth livelihoods, NAADS, EMYOOGA and the Parish Model which is coming”.

The Parish model and others are all aimed at increasing the levels of production among the
hardworking farmers. I am pleased that that Teso Sub – region joins the rest of the
country in benefiting, we now have to create a robust solution to value addition
hence automatically pulling market locally and internationally”, He added.

Farmers received the initiative by Mukula, Jorem Opian Obico a
member of the board of Soroti Fruit Factory, also the chairman of Teso Tropical
Fruit Farmers revealing how farmers will vigorously benefit from this factory once its installation is complete.

He also notes that there are many cooperative groups in Teso that deal with cereal
produce and companies like Nile Breweries have been engaging them to produce
Sorghum and cereals for processing beer and other alcoholic drinks.

Farmers in Teso Sub region especially those in the districts of Soroti, Kumi,
Bukedea, Amuria and Katakwi have been highly recognized for cultivating cereal
crops in Uganda.


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