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Terego District Vaccinates 1,278 Teachers Against Covid-19

Dr. Sam Muyengo prepares to vaccinate a woman on Friday



Terego district has fully vaccinated 1,278 teachers and 692 health workers against the Covid-19 as the district task-force continues to register success in the ongoing administration of vaccines against the pandemic.

This follows continuous capacity building of the task-force and the field medical staff on the management of the vaccines by Bob Omonda, the national supervisor Covid-19 vaccination from ministry of health.

In July, Terego district received its first consignment of over 900 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccines when the vaccines were left with one week to expire.

However the task-force and the health workers managed to mobilise and administer all the vaccines within three to five days.

Dr Sam Mayengo, in- charge of Wandi health centre III in Terego west constituency attributes the high turn up to high level of community sensitizations and fear due to high fatality rate from Covid-19 registered in other countries.

According to Mathew Bakole the acting district environmental health officer, to-date, the district has received a total of 9,940 doses of Covid-19 vaccines of which only 3,492 doses were remaining as of Wednesday.

Bakole said over 5,458 essential workers including teachers, health workers, and armed forces and people with co-morbidities are already vaccinated.

“We received 7,156 cumulative doses of AstraZeneca vaccines and 2,784 doses for Sinovac vaccines. There are 2,650 beneficiaries who completed the second dose successfully while 3,042 people got their first dose among them are 1,278 teachers and 692 health workers,” Bakole explained.

The district cold chain assistant Shafik Alija said they have focused on exhausting AstraZeneca vaccines whose expiry date is due on September 30, 2021 and slowed administration of Sinovac vaccines since their expiry is two years away.

“Right now we have cleared the AstraZeneca vaccines in our stores, they are now in the health facilities, what we have told the health workers is, they should mobilize the people to clear them as soon as possible,” Alija stated.

Demetrio Teleo, 80, a resident from Okalaka village in Bileafe sub-county and other clients across the district claim that everyone in the communities is willing to be covered after verifying that the negative social media campaigns against Coronavirus vaccines are empty myths.

Terego Resident District Commissioner, Modesta Bassie Ajilong has called on the health department to collaborate with other head of departments like the district education officer and the district internal security organization chief to help mobilize their staff to accelerate the inoculation process.

Terego district was recently ranked 54th in the country and fourth in West Nile region in management of COVID-19 by the ministry of health.

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