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Dryland Restoration: Africa’s Youth Unemployment Solution in Plain Sight

BY RICHARD DRASIMAKU ARUA: Thursday, June 3, 2021 “When you start restoration, you create jobs and eradicate unemployment. But only if the youths are awake and working.” Those were the words of Helina Teklu, Ethiopia’s youth champion, co-founder of climate change Africa and seed balls project in Ethiopia. She was …

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FAO Launches $914.5m Dryland Sustainable Landscape Impact Programme

BY RICHARD DRASIMAKU ARUA: June 2, 2021 The USD$ 914.5 million multifocal and integrated programme will support eleven counties in Africa and Asia in restoration and achieve land degradation neutrality, Mariahelena Semedo, an official from the Food and Agriculture Organisation said. Two East African countries- Kenya and Tanzania- are set …

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50 African Journalists To Cover The Global Landscape Forum

BY RICHARD DRASIMAKU ARUA: Friday, May 28, 2021 At least 50 African environment journalists have been assembled to cover the forthcoming Global Landscape Forum for Africa, an online event scheduled to take place from June 2-3, 2021. The Climate Tracker, a non-profit organization specialized in training and supporting journalism to …

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