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By Innocent Atuganyira

The Government of Uganda is determined to reduce the infections of Covid-19 that has forced the country into another lockdown. As part of the response mechanism to manage and contain the pandemic, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni issued a Presidential Decree setting up different taskforces to guide the country through challenging times.

District Task Forces (DTFs) were put in place to support the Central government in containment strategies of case management , surveillance, health promotion, resource mobilization, enforcement of standard operating procedures(SOPs) and continued delivery of basic services.

In the First Lockdown each district received Shs165 millions to facilitate the already existing district surveillance teams and the District Task Forces that were called to respond to the virus in their areas. Districts handled surveillance, sample collection and contact tracing.

The Government has released the second batch of funds to districts in this second lockdown after President Museveni instructed the Minister of Local Government Rapheal Magyezi to make sure the money is sent to districts.

Each District is getting shs150 millions , Newly Created Cities have also received shs150 millions while each Municipality is getting shs100 millions.

Kagadi district Covid-19 task force has received UGX 510m from the Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund.

Lilian Ruteraho, the Kagadi District Resident Commissioner confirms the receipt of the funds adding the allocation of the funds will be decided by the District Covid-19 Task force on how the money will be managed.

She says the funds will facilitate the District Covid-19 task force to carry out sensitization and to enforce the guidelines.

Ruteraho is calling upon community members to keep their eyes open and demand for accountability from the concerned authorities.

Kagadi has so far registered over 700 cases and over five people have succumbed to the pandemic.

The infection rate in Kagadi district was very high compared to other districts. Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) is facilitated differently with a bigger budget.

Ministry of Health (MOH) remains with responsibility for policy and strategy, it coordinates with the Office of the Prime Minister on the strategic and operational command of the response, as well as a series of cross-cutting functions, such as planning, budgeting, and partner coordination.

While those for enforcing lock-down measures and quarantine are channeled through Ministry of Internal Affairs, Department of Defense.

Hon Magyezi said the money will support the implementation of the Community Engagement Strategy (CES), which aims to reduce transmission and stop the spread of coronavirus in communities.

“The overall goal [of CES] is to empower the communities to fight Covid-19 and its negative social, economic and health consequences, in our respective localities,” he said.

Hon Jane Ruth Aceng, Minister of Health and Dr Diana Atwine , Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health continue to visit districts teams to access their capacity.


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