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Soroti Covid-19 Caretakers Commend Emorikikinos For Donating Food

Care takers receiving food donation at Soroti hospital



The caretakers of Covid-19 patients currently admitted at Soroti regional referral hospital have commended the Emorikikinos, a community based organization in Soroti City for supporting the patients with food donations.

On Sunday, the leaders of Emorikikinos, an organization that aims at uniting the community against Covid-19 made their second delivery of food items to the patients.

Rose Amoding, a care taker of two Covid-19 patients admitted in the facility noted that one of their major challenges is scarcity of food required for the patients such as fruits and vegetables.

“We are currently facing hunger in our families following bad weather which saw the dry spell burning all our crops in gardens. Some of our families feed only once a day,” she narrated.

Amoding added: “We therefore face a challenge of food provisions for ourselves and our patients as well.”

Michael Okiror, another caretaker of three patients from the same family applauded Emorikikinos for their humanitarian efforts.

“The hospital only provides for our patients lunch and the rest is left to us. I do not have money to buy fruits for my three relatives but thanks to the organisation they have helped me,” Okiror Said.

Dr. Wilson Etolu, the head of Corvid-19 treatment at the regional referral hospital equally appreciated the contributions of Emorikikinos.

He confirmed that the food stuffs earlier on donated by the CBO have helped the patient to recover quickly.

“At least many patients have improved and this has been a result of the food items brought on Sunday. They are positively responding and this will lead us discharging them very fast,” Dr. Etolu said.

Margret Etilu, one of the organisation’s officials and wife to the late Faustin Etilu a re- known business man in Soroti city who a few months ago succumbed to Covid-19 urged the care takers to put God above everything and motivate patients so that they do not suffer from stigma.

“I saw a number of Items like lemons, sugar, bread, posho, soap, Irish potatoes, and others which is of great help to the patients and the medical team,” she said.

However, another care taker confessed that they even face stigma from the community including other family members who assume that anyone taking care of a Covid-19 patient must probably also be carrying the infection.

There are currently more than 70 patients admitted at the isolation unit of Soroti hospital with Covid-19 while 110 active cases are in home based care distributed in the hotspots of Majengo, Moruapesur and Pamba wards.

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