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Soroti City To Step Up Community Sensitisation to Beat Covid-19

Dr. John Wilson Etolu Speaking to the media



The Soroti City Covid-19 task-force has resolved to step up community senisitaisation in order to beat back the high number of new Covid-19 infections.

According to the Covid-19 regional focal point person, Dr. John Wilson Etolu, the numbers in Soroti regional referral Hospital are overwhelming.

Currently the hospital has 74 people in the isolation unit and the leaders fear that this number could rise further.

“The worst thing is that patients are still dying each day and we almost lose at least two patients daily,” Dr. Etolu told the members in the planning meeting.

“On Saturday alone last week, we lost two patients at ago and these were both adults above the age of 55,” he added.

Etolu notes that the biggest number of patients currently admitted in the Soroti Covid-19 treatment center are elderly people who actually need oxygen support.

Dr. Moses Adakun, the head of the Soroti City Covid-19 Unit, informed the that in fact infection rates are rising by the day with 110 active cases on home based care.

He said these cases are distributed in the hotspots of Majengo, Moruapesur and Pamba wards.

He warned that these cases could triple in a week’s time if not managed well.

“As leaders, kindly let us mobilize our communities to observe the laid down standard operating procedures by Ministry of Health. Together we shall defeat this pandemic,” Dr. Adakun implored.

Accordingly, the Resident City Commissioner, Robert Adyama Ekaju said it’s not business as usual anymore as the city continues to register high numbers of Covid-19 patients.

He called on all the leaders to come out of their offices and join hands in mass mobilization and sensitization for maximum impact against Covid-19.


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