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By Stephen Ojacor

Locals of Acuna Parish in Tubur Sub county Soroti district have petitioned the Soroti District local government on grounds of earmarking the construction of the proposed Acuna Health Centre III.

This follows the orders that came from the office of the L.c 5 chairperson Simon Peter Edoru Eku that the health facility that was meant to be constructed to Acuna had been relocated to another parish of Aparisa within the same Sub county.

It should be noted that government has in this financial year released a tune of 465 million shillings dedicated to the construction of Acuna Health Center III as budgeted by the previous council.

This was as a result of growing demands for health services in the said locality and as a matter of fact, currently the entire sub county of Tubur has not any heath facility after its health center III of Tubur was curved to Tubur Town council a newly created and operationalized administrative unit.

Having noted that funds had already been released to the district account, Bob Owiny the area District Councilor liaced with the Soroti Resident District Commissioner Patrick Okumu and sweated to engage communities to secure land. They earlier on last week presented the Seven acers of land surrendered by the needy Community of Acuna to the district administration for surveying to secure a land title as a hospital site.

On Thursday last week, a section of locals presented a petition to the district authorities challenging their decision to relocate health center to Aparisa.

The locals point their fingers at the Lc. 5 chairman Simon Peter Edoru Ekuu for masterminding such decisions on political grounds that he was not voted by the people of Acuna during the recently concluded votes.

“Edoru didn’t get many votes in this area, he is therefore taking this as an opportunity to revenge to us since we didn’t vote for him”, one of the complainants whose names withheld lamented.

Bon Owiny the District Councilor representing Tubur Sub county in Soroti District local government expresses his disappointment siting that the decision to change the location of the health facility is purely political.

Politics is Over and now is the time to serve the people genuinely, I calls for the intervention of council members, Teso elders and the legal technocrats in proper guidance.

Meanwhile Edoru the L.C 5 Chairman refutes all the allegations slapped on him stating that it was the decision of council to build the health facility at the center point of the community of which Aparisa is the center for the populations to access services.

The matter has clocked to the office of the Chief administrative officer Soroti District where a team of technical members have been sent on ground for a fact finding mission so that their report will correctly guide authorities on proper decision.

It should also be noted that in year 2016, the state minister of health for general duties then Sarah Achieng Opendi now State minister of Mineral Development in the Uganda Cabinet visited the area of Acuna and noted demands for the health services especially Antenatal care for women, Immunization, family planning among others.

The Minister responded by promising to make an allocation of the hospital construction, directed council to produce paper work and raise a budget to on your marks the construction of a health center III for the community of Acuna.

After the release of 465 million currently sleeping in the district accounts, the hospital construction stands in balance as the district bosses delay to sort out their differences while the pressure from the tax payers leads council to convene an emergency sitting on Tuesday 7th September 2021.


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