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Rotary Club Installs Blood Bank For Bukedea Health Centre IV

Bukedea medical team training on blood management. PHOTO BY GEORGE EMURON



The Bukedea rotary club has established a fully equipped blood bank for Bukedea Health Centre IV aimed at ensuring availability of blood for emergency use including for accident victims, pregnant women and children with anemia.

Albert Kofman, president of Bukedea rotary club said the idea to establish a blood bank at the health centre came after a visit he made to the health centre where he found that an expectant mother died during labour due to lack of blood.

He said the incident shocked him so much that he rallied his colleague in the rotary club to raise funds to establish a fully equipped blood bank and train the medical staff to man the unit.

Kofman explained that since blood is a sensitive organ, experts from Mbale regional blood bank were invited to train all the medical staff of Bukedea health center IV on how to handle blood safely and professionally.

Dr. Julius Osele the health in charge said the facility has been struggling to handle emergencies whereby most cases sent to them from lower level health centres end up being referred to other districts where there is blood bank.

He counted five women who died due to lack of blood to resuscitate them from Bukedea health centre IV during the past two months.

Dr. Osele commended the rotary club for setting up the blood bank saying that it will help them limit the number of referrals to Soroti and Mbale and also save them from running to those facilities to get blood.

“We have been struggling mostly during theatre operations but now that we have our own blood bank, work is going to be easy and cases of death due to lack of blood is going to be reduced,” he promised.

Meanwhile Dr. Paul Ogwang, the acting district health officer appealed to the people of Bukedea to  donate blood so that the new blood bank does not run out  blood  for patients.

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