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By Musinguzi Goodluck

Accountability starts with all of us, when we hold ourselves to meet performance and behavioral expectations. There are 5 ways you can follow accountability consistently they include clarify your expectations, get a back brief, set the right example, don’t play favorites and follow-through consistently.

Since last year Ugandans have been calling for accountability most especially in the Ministry of Health headed by Hon Jane Ruth Aceng.

Covid19 pandemic took the world by surprise with thousands of people dying and lockdowns being implemented as the infections spread in all countries. Businesses shut down across the Globe paralyzing many things including medical supplies.

In Uganda, Parliament allocated money to the Ministry of Health and other Ministries to implement the Lockdown and build capacity that will be able to contain Covid19. On 21st June 2020, the Ministry of Health leadership gave a public accountability in televised event in the Kampala, the Capital City of Uganda.

The Ministry of Health said the manufacturers of commodities being procured wanted cash because demand was beyond supply. The Ministry of Health accounted for shs 119 billions it had received.

Anti-Corruption Coalition Uganda- ACCU wrote on 25th June 2020 thanking Ministry of Health for the accountability of shs264 billions.

“We are pleased that on Sunday 21st June 2020, the Ministry of Health held an accountability briefing session where it provided an explanation for the UGX 264 bn received from the Government of Uganda as well as other sources”, ACCU Statement.

Since then the Ministry of Health has given accountabilities of money but some Ugandans have over-expectations in the money given out by the Central Government. The technocrats believe that Ugandans will react positively to the accountabilities only to get the opposite and get disheartened.

Robert Tumusiime Akiiki attacked Dr Diana Atwine on 4th December 2020 saying the Oxygen plants bought were substandard and never did due diligence.

Dr Diana Atwine replied Robert Tumusiime Akiiki saying “The plant procured produces 3 million litres of 100% oxygen per day. Tell me the plant you know of that is better than this? How did you measure value for money? First verify with us every time you have doubt.

Gerald Mutula wanted to get update on mask distribution since Ministry of Finance was paying companies producing masks on behalf of the Ministry of Health.

There are those with reasonable expectations they engage with state officials while others allege all sorts of unreasonable expectations.

Emergency Management of Covid19 Pandemic is a new new displine that started last year. Its not well understood by many people across the Globe in both Public and Private Sector.

Like many governmental functions that occur outside of the public’s eye, general knowledge of it is based upon what is seen in the media, either in the news or in public entertainment.


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