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While farmers open new fields in Karamoja, they worry about rains destroying access roads

By Timothy Eodu, James Muya & Goodluck Musinguzi

KARAMOJA: Monday, August 1, 2022

While farmers in many parts of Karamoja expect to reap bumper harvests of Maize and Beans in the coming weeks, the disruption of mobility caused by the heavy rains is putting a dent in the people’s aspirations.

On 31tst July 2022, Moroto town and surrounding areas received heavy rains that affected mobility in the area. Some streets were covered by mud after rainwater covered the roads for long periods.

This comes after Karenga District postponed Music, Dance and Drama competitions on Saturday after heavy rains were experienced.

As attention is put on Mbale City and parts of Kapchorwa where the death happened due to the torrential rains, the whole of Eastern Uganda seems to be under threat of floods.

There is always a belief that there is only one season of rain in the Karamoja region but meanwhile, the Karenga district is experiencing rain showers every day which has made farmers continue ploughing and planting more pieces of land.

Moroto district and some other areas in Karamoja are currently experiencing heavy rains

Alfred Opul, the Production Officer of the Karenga district said: “We expect to harvest food that can help to avert the looming hunger in the Karamoja region. Our farmers are hardworking despite the challenges they face.”

One farmer who identified himself only as Lokol said: “I am actually amused with the rains these days because this is not how it used to be. I’m right now planting beans on my two acres which I know if it yields well then some of my problems will be sorted!”

The rain brought both negative and positive effects in the district including the halting of some activities like Music Dance and Drama competitions, and in one of the sub-counties called Lokoli, the distribution of food by NGO  Mercy Corps to its beneficiaries was halted for some time.

Heavy rains are already destroying access routs in Karamoja

Karenga District officials distributing relief food from the Office of the Prime Minister to vulnerable people in the town council halted the exercise by 11:00 am on Monday as a result of heavy rains.

The Production Officer, Alfred Opul, asked farmers in Karenga district to settle and cultivate so that they can guarantee a good yield next season.

Other Community leaders asked young people to support farming than involving in bad acts like raiding cattle, drinking alcohol and staying idle at the trading centres.

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