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People from Butebo and Pallisa districts are standing with Dr Monica Musenero the minister of science, technology and innovations in the office of the president following the allegations of misappropriation of sh35 billion that was allocated by the government medicine research.

Sam Ngeso a resident of Matakokorei ward in Butebo town council said as people of Butebo where Dr Musenero comes from they share the humiliation she received in Parliament during the discussion of the probe committee report, adding that everything should be handed to God.

Ngeso said as a Christian Dr Musenero needed to know that there ups and downs in the walk of life and what happened to her on Tuesday is a test of her strength.

“The unkind language and threats that some MPs uttered against Dr Musenero will be turned to blessings because I know they were unfair comments,” Ngeso said.

James Okurut the LC5 chairperson of Butebo said an attack on Dr Musenero is an attack on the district and the people of North Bukedi sub region because she is their pride.

James Okurut LC5 chairperson Butebo

Okurut said he gets calls from all corners of the district of what to be done to retaliate the abuse of their only icon but he has persistently called for calmness.

“Dr Musenero is a simple woman raised from humble background who does not envy wealthy people like some of the greedy MPs who mind only about themselves. How does an MP instead of handling the recommendations of the select committee report doubt the president who is the appointing Authority by saying by saying he picked a useless lady to be a minister?”Okurut stated.

Haruna Kidemuka of Kabwangasi town council said the recommendation of the select committee to have the IGG investigate Dr Musenero should have been honorably taken and attacking her personality avoided.

Kidemuka said the Dr Musenero he knows has never put a hand in the sh35bn in question and as the report said let IGG take on its role.

He argued that Dr Musenero should stay in office to continue her stewardship in guiding scientists to start producing our own drugs and vaccines for Covid-19.

Meanwhile Yoweri Tukei a businessman of Akisim sub county in Pallisa district appealed to president Museveni to ensure the safety of Dr Musenero.

Tukei said since Dr Stephen Oscar Mallinga died in 2013 Pallisa and Butebo districts have been without a minister until president Museveni spotted Dr Musenero because of what she is.

Rita Kaidu the woman councilor representing Petete town council said what pains the local people is legislators demeaning a highly respected person in the field of epidemiological, viral and infectious disease research who took long to make her name.

Rita Kaidu

Dr Musenero has thanked the people of Butebo and North Bukedi sub region standing with her during such tough times

She said the allegations leveled against her would be ultimately proven wrong since every ministry has competent accounting officer who oversee usage of funds and government funds are not transacted through the account of a minister.

“Despite the pain, anguish and anger this has caused me and all the scientists working with me to build our capacity, we shall not be derailed or distracted in our pursuit to develop our vaccine,” Dr Musenero maintained.

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