A mother feeding a child in Bungatira Sub County in Gulu District during outreach.



One Love International, a faith-based charity organization in Bungatira Sub County in Gulu district has supported children suffering from malnutrition with food items and free health services to improve their living conditions.

Bungatira Sub-County is said to be one of the sub counties with high cases of child malnutrition in Gulu district due to household’s poverty where parents are unable to afford complementary feeding to children.

Among the activities, there was treatment of children, providing psycho-social support to the affected families and food distribution to malnourished children.

Jennifer Auma Oketa, the director One Love International, said their work is to support vulnerable children with health care services and provide food items to families with cases of malnutrition especially in the most affected communities.

“We enable children to access medical care services and specialize in nutrition rehabilitation through home-based care at the center to give children better nutrition status,” she said.

Auma added that they support children whose parents are unable to afford medical services to make them have a better community.

She noted: “Love One offers education and other psycho-social support beside nutrition rehabilitation and enables children to access medical care so that they have a better community to grow into to be better leaders in future.”

Maria Katanga, a nutritionist and coordinator working with Love One international said malnutrition is a critical issue that is not being addressed in Acholi sub region which calls for quick response to avert the problems in the community.

Katanga said children are identified in the community, referred to One Love International and taken to hospital for initial stabilization, where they are left to continue rehabilitation for about three months before reintegrating them in the families.

She advised mothers to give well balanced food to children and at least eat five meals a day while breastfeeding a child to about two years of age with complementary feeding.

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  1. Nice article. But there seems to be a mistake. It says the children are taken to hospital for initial stabilisation but then it says they are left there for three months for rehabilitation. Since it’s an “initial stabilisation” it seems more likely that Katanga meant that after the hospital stabilisation, the children are brought to the Love One Center for the three month rehabilitation.

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