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Observe Sops To Avoid Third Wave Of Coronavirus, Says Gad Rugaju

Deputy RDC Gad Ahimbisibwe Rugaju hands over the food items to the beneficiary

KANUNGU: Thursday, August 05, 2021

Gad Ahimbisibwe Rugaju, the Kanungu deputy resident district commissioner, has reminded the people that Covid-19 pandemic is still prevalent despite the partial lifting of the lock-down by President Yoweri Museveni.

“Observe the standard operating procedures so that we avoid getting into the third wave of Covid-19 which is more dangerous,” he said

Rugaju made the remarks on Wednesday while officiating at the ceremony to distribute food and hygiene products to 354 beneficiaries at Kihihi Full Gospel Church in Kihihi Town Council, Kanungu District.

The items were given to the vulnerable beneficiaries who are being supported by Compassion International as part of Covid-19 relief food to help them cope up with the lock-down challenges.

The relief items assembled before the beneficiaries at Kihihi Full Gospel Church

They included 8,850 kilograms (kg) of maize flour, 3,540kg of beans, 980kg of groundnuts, 354 bars of soap and 345 toothbrushes and toothpaste worth sh32,638,200.

According to the Kihihi Full Gospel Church overseer, Pastor Monday Justus, each beneficiary was given 25kg of maize flour, 10kg of beans, 5kg of beans, 1 bar of soap, one toothbrush and a toothpaste.

Pr. Justus advised the caregivers that whereas the maize flour and some beans can be consumed, the groundnuts should be planted in the coming season so that they can harvest much more in future.

He said that Kihihi Full Gospel Church with support from Compassion International have been supporting the vulnerable children in and around Kihihi Town Council since 2014 and have given holistic education, health and other child survival benefits in order for them to realise their full life potential.

Rugaju thanked the leaders of Kihihi Full Gospel Church for designing programs that are aimed at transforming the communities and assured them of government’s support.

“This act of generosity shows that surely you are the light that other pastors and NGOs should learn from; giving out food worth sh32,638,200 to the needy irrespective of their religious denomination and also 4 goats to each parent is a great ministry,” he said.


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