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Obi Parish Fundraising For Sh260m To Build Church Foundation

Architectural design for Obi parish


TEREGO: Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The Obi parish in Terego district, Arua diocese has began a fundraising drive for sh260m to construct a new foundation for an expanded church that is earmarked to cost close to one billion shillings.

The phased fundraising approach was adopted after the parish spent a lot of money on a foundation that developed worrisome cracks when the walls were approaching the window level.

The church is said to be located on the fault line of the northern tip of the Western Rift Valley thereby exposing the structure to tectonic tremor.

Dr. Isaac Dramadri, the general secretary for the Obi parish development forum, an association that seeks to connect all the people from Obi living outside the parish area, has disclosed that the new structure will have reinforced concrete foundation and steel columns to take care of the earth movements.

The laying of the new foundation is slated to commence in October 2021 for the church designed to be 14 metres wide and 49 metres long with 14 metres long wings forming a shape of a cross.

According to the fundraising plan, the Diaspora community overseas has been asked to collect sh100m, the Obi people in other parts of Africa are to raise sh20m, those staying in Uganda but outside West Nile are to mobilize sh50, while those within West Nile but outside the parish are to raise sh30m while the resident Christians have been asked to mobilize sh30m in cash plus sh30m worth of local materials.

“We have the sand at river Oru, stones at mount Wati, water at Ndindia valley and soil here for laying bricks. So, we are blessed,” Dr. Dramadri said.

He added: “the idea that churches are to be build with donations from Europe are over. We are in the era of self-reliance, so, we have to raise funds ourselves.”

The increasing population and the plans mooted to transform Kubala trading centre into a township were cited as reasons necessitating the construction of a bigger capacity church at Obi.

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