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MP Rose Obigah Spends Sh56m On Banana Suckers To Aid Stranded Tobacco Farmers In Terego

Rose Obigah, the Terego district woman member of parliament


TEREGO: Monday, August 09, 2021

Rose Obigah, the Woman Member of Parliament (MP) for Terego district has used sh56m out of the sh200m that the government had given for the MP’s transport vehicle to purchase banana suckers.

This is to aid the thousands of farmers left stranded by last year’s pullout of Alliance One Global Tobacco Company from promoting and buying green leaf tobacco from West Nile.

Majority of the about 20,000 tobacco farmers affected by the voluntary withdrawal of the tobacco company were in Terego district.

Obigah said the three lorry-full of suckers she has brought are only seed-plants that the recipients should use to multiply the planting materials.

Some of the banana suckers procured by the Hon. Rose Obigah for farmers in Terego

“They are hybrid and drought tolerant ‘matooke’ and ‘gonza’ types of banana. These are perennial crops that you plant once and spend the rest of your time looking after them unlike the seasonal tobacco,” she explained.

Obigah said although she had made the point to help out former tobacco farmers with alternative crops during her campaigns, she expects the people to leave politics aside while distributing the suckers.

Herbert Jurua, the acting Terego district production officer, appreciated the MP for buying banana suckers saying that banana is one of the crops the district has identified as a replacement for tobacco.

“The other crop we have identified is coffee and some people are also proposing Hass avocados,” he said.

He advised that farmers must strictly observe the three squire metres spacing for the bananas and also dig planting holes three feet wide and three feet deep.

If you stick to the right spacing, you will have 450 planting holes in one acre of garden. When those start fruiting, you will get between sh4m to sh15m annually,” he said.

“He added: “The problem is, our people want money as soon as they plant things. With bananas it does not work like that, you need patience for at least one year.”


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  1. Thank you Goodluck for this infor.

  2. I will be grateful if my people impress this support as a new normal and leave aside politics because we are already being fooled and maginalised, i use to think of cotton wool as an alternative now banana has come with full support so we must accept change and we shall definately see it in our lives let the acting officer for agriculture check and support the progress of this project, madam i thank you for this great work i would be grateful if u bring more and take some of your time to also check the progress of this project too

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