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MP Kabugho Urges Kasese Mothers To Deliver At Health Centres

Hon Florence Kabugho, Kasese district woman MP



Hon Florence Kabugho, the Kasese district Woman Member of Parliament has encouraged expectant mothers in the district to embrace delivering at health facilities to as to be attended by a trained midwife.

Kabugho said it is unfortunate that expectant mothers rush to traditional birth attendants during labour even when some health centers are within their reach.

The journalist-turned-politician discouraged the habit and quickly proposed that expectant mothers use midwives posted at health centers in their areas of jurisdiction so as to reduce chances of maternal mortality.

At Bugoye Health Center III in Bugoye Sub County, Kabugho had a lengthy discussion with health workers and urged them to execute their duties diligently.

Later, she proceeded to Rwesande heath Center IV where she also had an interaction about the need of pregnant mothers to always seek services from health centers.

At the health units, she also served each expectant mother she met with a bar of soap, two kilograms of sugar, and maize flour.

Kabugho implored the people of Busongora North to make use of the ambulance that she recently purchased to transport expectant mothers to health facilities.

She reaffirmed her commitment to procure stretchers in areas where community access roads are yet to be opened.

In 2017, Kasese District Local Government passed an ordinance restricting traditional birth attendants from attending to expectant mothers.

However, the ordinance has not been implemented because expectant mothers are still being attended to by traditional birth attendants.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni directed Ministry of Health On 3rd June 2016, directed all Sub counties in Uganda must have Health Center IIIs after rehabilitation and remodeling health Center IIs or build new ones so that specialized health care services are brought near to people.
Ministry of Health as an overseer gave the Ministry of Local Government grants ranging from 400-850 million shillings to construct health Center IIIs and IVs across the country. However, district councils are the ones that choose which sub-county to benefit from.
Residents of Mbunga Sub County in the Kasese district are calling upon local leaders to consider them so that access to health services is improved.
Before Kilembe Mines Hospital that was in the valley was hit by the floods and later transferred to Kasese town, the locals would flock to the health facility to access health services.
Now, the locals are complaining that it is quite expensive to transport a patient from their hilly areas to Kilembe Mines hospital in Kasese town.
“Transporting pregnant mothers is not possible, we can only carry them down the hill which takes a lot of time, weather determines if you continue. Many women have produced children in homes or on the way to hospital which endangers their lives”.
Mr. Alexander Kibwebwe, the Local Council Chairperson for Nyakazinga village confirmed this to our reporter.
He adds that Mbunga Health Center II which is found in the area is far from other residents who are staying in areas neighboring Rukooki Sub County in the southern side of the sub-county.
According to Kibwebwe, the health status of the people in the area is appalling asking the government to think about elevating the health center II to a health center III status so that other health-related cases are handled.
He also noted that the locals who have the capacity to rush the sick person to Kasese town using stretchers are impeded by the lack of a bridge on River Nyamwamba.
He reminded the locals of their responsibility of working closely with their elected leaders in order to realize development.

Authorities at Kilembe Mines Hospital in Kasese District have said they need more than Shs30 billion to revamp the facility after several of its key equipment were destroyed by flash floods last month.

“We are just beginning afresh since several properties worth billions, including digital X-machine, oxygen concentrator, anesthesia machine, beds, mattresses, medical store, computers, stores, generator and its house, mortuary, toilets and a computerized system which we used while making accountabilities for the hospital were destroyed by flash floods,” Dr Wafula Edward, the medical superintendent, told Daily Monitor yesterday.

He added: “We urgently need at least a 10,000-litre water tank since the hospital needs a lot of water, a solar system, and a generator at our new site.”

After the floods, the hospital was relocated to Kasese Town and is being hosted by the Catholic Church.

Dr Wafula said the hospital is currently operating under several challenges, including water shortage.

He, however, said only a few equipments, including some beds, have been recovered and several well-wishers have donated some beds, blankets, and mattresses, which he said have enabled the hospital to operate amid all challenges.

On Tuesday, the hospital received 50 mattresses and 50 blankets from the local people of greater Kilembe villages, who were requested to support their hospital.

Dr Wafula said the hospital started operating in its new location last week, with at least 46 patients admitted. He urged the public to mobilise and donate whatever they have for the smooth running of the facility.

Mr Drake Bagyenda, who led the team of donors from Kilembe villages, said they have the urge to restore their hospital.

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