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Masindi Youth Promote Hand Washing Among Families

one of the young boys demonstrates how to wash hands in Masindi



A youth group in Masindi district under their umbrella association, the Masindi hand-washing promoters’ association, have embarked on home to home hygiene campaign aimed at encouraging people to wash hands regularly with soap.

Joram Mugisa, a group team leader explained that they have been printing brochures and circulating them among homes as a way of sensitization and reminder that proper and regular hand-washing is helpful to avoid diseases.

The Masindi hand-washing promoters was started in January 2021 to promote hand-washing as a measure to curtail the growing threat of the Covid-19 pandemic and other hygiene related diseases.

“As hand-washing promoters, we sensitize the residents and family heads to always have a jerrycan of water, and soap at the entrance. We also inform them on the dangers of Coronavirus and other diseases,” the team leader said.

Joseph Kato, one of the youth members told that they have taken an initiative of constructing hand washing facilities for the vulnerable people.

“When we find out that an elder does not have hand-washing facility, we provide for him or her,” Kato said.

Julius Mulinzi, also a group member, revealed that they were requested by the district health team to start the hand washing campaign.

“We keep sensitizing the community because it’s our responsibility to fight all diseases caused by germs from not washing hands,” Mulinzi said.

Dr. Patrick Baguma, the Masindi district health officer appreciated the youths for the hygiene campaign, recognizing that it has contributed towards reducing the rate of Covid-19 infections.

Dr. Baguma urged the residents to continue embracing hand-washing with soap, saying about 70% of the diseases treated from the health facilities are hygiene related and preventable through regular hand-washing with soap.


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