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Masindi Woman MP Appreciates Her Electorate With New Ambulance

THURSDAY: August 12, 2021
The Masindi District Woman Member of Parliament (MP) has appreciated her electorates with brand new community ambulance.

Hon. Dr. Florence Asiimwe Akiiki explained that she procured the brand new ambulance to appreciate her electorates for having voted for her massively in the previous elections.
The MP this evening unveiled the new ambulance, REG. NO:UBK603G, disclosing that it cost shs135m.
The politician also explains that the ambulance will boost the work of ministry of health through evacuating patients to health centers for further treatment.
“Though other members of parliament have also donated ambulances, Masindi district is big, and I hope this community ambulance will also support the work of evacuating patients,” Asiimwe said.

She pledged to fuel the ambulance for what she called the unprivileged members of the sociiety while leaving those who can afford fuel to foot their own bill.
Hon. Asiimwe also revealed that she has many plans for her electorates as far as saving lives for the citizens is concerned.
“I will be cooperating with the other area members of parliament for Buruli, Bujenje and Masindi Municipality constituencies to form a committee to manage our three ambulances and four emergency vehicles,” she assured the people.
Three area members of parliament for Masindi district have procured three ambulances while for Bujenje Constituency has procured four emergency vehicles to improve transportation of sick people in Masindi district.
The District Health Officer, Dr. Patrick Baguma, appreciated the efforts that the area members of parliament are injecting to ensure better health service delivery to their people.
By the end of last year, Masindi district had one ambulance attached to Masindi district general hospital, but now it has three ambulances and four emergency vehicles.

“These means of transport will ease the work of the health workers to serve the people, Dr. Baguma said.


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