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Masindi To Take Covid-19 Vaccination To Worship Centres

A nurse vaccinates a client against Covid-19



The health experts in Masindi district have created more coronavirus vaccination centres targeting rural areas as the district intensifies mass vaccination.

Dr Patrick Baguma, the District Health Officer (DHO) Masindi, explained that since they got enough vaccines, they are also planning to reach worship places, and those who are not vaccinated won’t have access to the worship centres.

“If we vaccinate after prayers, people will escape. The best alternative will be those without vaccination cards not to access worship places, then we shall hit our target,” he further explained.

The DHO said that taking vaccination closer to the people said this is done to ensure that there is no expiry of the Covid-19 vaccines.

“We were directed to utilize all the vaccines and that’s why we have come out with the alternative of reaching the worship places,” he further explained.

Dr Baguma adds that they have also created mobile teams vaccinating people and this will boost the vaccination exercise in the district.

Abdullah Serunkuma, the Chairperson Masindi district business community, also suggested that such exercise should also be done to business people since they also interact with different people, and are at risk of contracting the deadly virus.

He said some business operators have not been vaccinated and are operating and interacting with different people putting their lives at risk of contracting the virus.

Serunkuma hoped that once such exercise is done they will save many lives in the district, and country.

Dr John Turyagumanawe, the Bunyoro region Covid-19 response coordinator, advised the Masindi district task-force members to consider creating mobile vaccination team at the village level since most of teams are concentrated in the town.

“People who are deep in village need to be vaccinated but they don’t have access to the service. If we have mobile teams at village level, these people will benefit from the exercise,” he said.

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