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By Innocent Atuganyira
In June this year, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni the leader of republic of Uganda revised, and tighten belt on the lockdown to contain the spread of the deadly corona virus in the country.
Many people across the country have different opinions on the lockdown, others are recommending it while others are asking government to lift it, however, our media team has today interviewed different residents in Masindi district on the effect of lockdown.
According to Mark Mugisa a boda boda rider in Masindi town, lockdown has contained the spread of corona virus but has affected their business. “Before lockdown we would get quit good money because we would carry both people and laggage.” He notes.
Mugisa also adds that when lockdown was eased, they had started getting money but after tightening the measures they are greatly affected. The boda boda rider has therefore asked government to consider procuring more corona virus vaccines and lift lockdown.
Prisca Ngozebwa a market vendor dealing in vegetables at Masindi Central Market says that though other businesses have been affected, she has customers since health experts advised people to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to boost their immune system.
“I don’t have any problem with lockdown, however, we have been affected by ban of interdistrict movement and ban of carrying people since we can’t trust drivers or boda boda riders to purchase for us goods.” She notes. Ngozebwa is asking government to consider permitting boda boda riders to carry businesses operators, and interdistrict movement ban lifted.
Other business operators mostly dealing in facemasks, face shields and sanitizers say that they are yielding much money since they are on high demand.
Raymond Tusiime explains that the business he started last year during the first lockdown has enabled him to sustain his family. “I thought maybe I couldn’t manage the business but since lockdown was imposed I have not been affected because I can feed my family.” Tusiime adds.
He has asked government to consider planning to lift lockdown since other have paralyzed. According to Tusiime, if possible government should vaccinate all Ugandans to save lives.
Juliet Gafabusa a tailor in Masindi town says that though President Museveni imposed lockdown, she has been able to saw reusable facemasks which has enabled her to get some money and look after the family during this hard time.
She however says they have the challenge of purchasing materials since public transport was suspended. “Though the government maintains lockdown, it should also consider public transportation because it’s affecting us.” She notes


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