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Masindi Medic Warns Of Another Wave Of Covid-19 As Residents Flout SOPS



Following the rise in the number of residents in Masindi town flouting the standard operating procedures (SOPs) including hand washing, wearing face masks, keeping social distance and others, a medic at Masindi district general hospital have warned the public about the outbreak of third wave of Covid-19.

He says that most public places including market, shops and others have empty hand washing facilities which is alarming.

Previously people would not allow anyone to access their businesses or market premises without washing or sanitizing their hands.

Simon Baguma, the Masindi district general hospital administrator, said that coronavirus is still in existence, and it’s important for the people to continue observing the standard operating procedures.

He added that the second wave of the pandemic claimed many lives but people seem to have forgotten about it, which is risking the outbreak of a third wave.

Baguma noted that lockdown was partially lifted therefore it’s important for people to continue observing the standard operating procedures.

“If people continue flouting the standard operating procedures, the president may consider putting the country under total lockdown because we are (at a persistent) risk,” he noted.

He reiterated that some countries have experienced the outbreak of the third wave of coronavirus which has claimed many lives, and if people don’t observe the standard operating procedures they are risking the outbreak of the third wave in the country.

Recently during the district covid-19 taskforce meeting, Rose Kirabira Kobusinge the Residence District Commissioner who also doubles as the district task-force chairperson asked the public to be vigilant and observe the standard operating procedures adding that coronavirus is real and kills.

She also said they will crackdown business which are operating contrary to the ministry of health guidelines in fight against the deadly corona virus pandemic.

Kirabira is still traversing Masindi district, meeting different leaders at local level and sensitizing the community on dangers of coronavirus.

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