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Maracha Residents Hail Woman MP Jennifer Driwaru Over Ambulance

The new ambulances for Maracha district



The residents of Maracha district have hailed the district woman Member of Parliament Jennifer Driwaru for the purchase of two ambulances.

The ambulances delivered over the weekend will help to boost referrals and reduce on fatalities due to delayed access to health facilities.

Rose Buleru, 63, a mother of 8 and resident of Yiba Village, Robu Parish in Oleba sub-county expressed excitement over the new acquisitions, saying that what the woman MP has done is exceptional because she has been able to spot a gap in the health service sector.

Buleru said, they have been voting leaders since Maracha become a district in 2011 but no MP has bought for them an ambulance and yet the district has had one ambulance all this time.

Maracha district received its first ambulance in 2012, a donation from Enabel serving the entire district.

Health official said the ambulance is sometimes required to be at three or four health facilities at the same time which is an impossible task to accomplice.

The Two new ambulance for Maracha district bought by Hon. Jennifer Driwaru

“Patients and expectant mothers always struggle on bicycles, Motorcycles or hired cars to reach health facility because our only ambulance is always overwhelmed,” Driwaru recounted.

Hellen Maturu of Micu Parish, Oluvu sub-county reiterated that pregnant mothers have being suffering and some end up delivering on roadsides and others loss their baby or their own life because the district has only one Ambulance.

Maturu who is also a district councilor said the new ambulances will contribute to the reduction of cases of mothers suffering and dying due to delayed access to health facility.

‘’We are very happy for what the woman MP has done, let God bless her,’’ she added.

Dr. Paul Onzubo, the Maracha district health officer, said 5% of Uganda’s population is made up of pregnant mothers but of these pregnancies, at least 15% will be having difficult labor and therefore require ambulance service to be transferred from lower facility to higher facility.

‘’When it comes to delivery, ideal every mother is supposed to deliver in a health facility but in Maracha district only 59% of mothers deliver in the health facility, meaning among every 100 deliveries 41 deliver at home,’’ he explained.

He said that although they had managed to reduce the maternal mortality rate in Maracha district, the lock-down complicated matters leading to the loss of eight mother during delivery.

The DHO regretted that all the eight deaths were associated with the failure to get the district ambulance to transport the mothers in time.

Hon. Driwaru thanked the government for giving MPs sh200m for vehicle saying that she spent half of that money to buy the two ambulances for Maracha district.

‘’We need to own the responsibility to keep the ambulances running to give help to the community,’’ she appealed to the district officials.

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