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By Goodluck Musinguzi

On 19th July 2021, Ibrahim Kitatta the Newly Sworn Chairman of Lwengo district announced that he had inherited unusable cars and ambulance for the district. He started reaching out to the Ministry of health so that it can rescue his area.

Dr Diana Atwine, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health has handed over a brand new State of the Art Ambulance to the district of Lwengo fulfilling the wish of their leader. The ambulance is expected to improve on emergency services and referrals in the area.

“the people of Lwengo are so grateful. Tusiima bwongelwa. We trust that the leadership at Ministry of Health led by Dr Diana Atwine will take Uganda places”, said Kitatta

He said Lwengo has become an island of wellness in a sea of need for Emergency Health Services. This ambulance is the fifth of its kind in Uganda. He promised to make sure it serves its duty of saving people’s lives.


Lwengo District Local Government was curved from greater Masaka as of 1st July 2010. It has 3
constituencies, 6 Sub Counties, 3 Town Councils, 42 parishes and 455 villages. A population of aprox.275,450 basing on the provisional census results.53% women and 47% men.
Projected population is 288,100 as per December 2018.

Health services are offered through 35 health facilities private inclusive. (from HCIV – H.CII). Staff status in the health sector is at 67% and the total number of staff is 212.

Mandate: To reduce morbidity and mortality from major causes of iii health in the district as a contribution to poverty eradication and social economic development of Lwengo peoples.

Goal: Improved quality of health care service delivery.

Strategic Objectives
In order to achieve the above goal, the health sector focus on achieving universal coverage with quality health and health related services through addressing the following;
1. Improved service delivery
2. Reduce morbidity and mortality rates
3. Provide public health and clinical services to the people with emphasis on the disadvantaged
4. Delivery the Uganda National Minimum health care package
5. Provide a functional, efficient and sustainable health infrastructure for effective health care delivery
6. The main causes of morbidity and mortality in Lwengo are preventable health problems. These
problems include malaria and sanitation and Hygiene related disease.
7. The District is traversed by the trans-Africa highway from Mombasa (Kenya) to Rwanda and DRC and occasional occurrences of nasty road – traffic accidents are also experienced.

The main intervention priorities include prompt provision appropriate medicines and health supplies in health facilities and the implementation of various strategies for the prevention and control of malaria, HIV, TB, Sanitation- related disease and maternal and childhood disease.

Health Infrastructure (categories)

Lwengo District has 3 HC IVs, 10 HC IIIs and 22 HC. IIs. The staffing status in the health sector is at 67% With a total number of staff 212. Health services in the district are offered through these 35 health facilities.



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  1. We Lwengo people bless the Lord for the moving hospital provided unto us . Looking forward for better health services in the district, God bless Germany cooperation team , Ambulance professionals Uganda team , Malteser international team plus our district team for the robbing.

  2. Your communication is lacking Mr. Musinguzi! The ministry handed over an ALS Ambulance that was donated by Malteser International and the donor German cooperation to the district
    However, I do not see them mentioned anywhere in the article. It’s very imperative to always acknowledge such because they are raising the MoH bar in their partnership. It is always good to give credit where it’s due.
    Otherwise Congs to Lwengo district.
    Thanks to Malteser International.

    #Emergency Medical Services

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