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By Innocent Atuganyira


Lake Albert Children Women Advocacy and Development Organization – LACWADO a non government organization is sponsoring health radio talks in Buliisa District Bunyoro Sub Region Western Uganda to sensitize the community on the dangers of corona virus.


Dr. Robert Mugabe the District Health Educator – Buliisa explains that the radio talk shows have played a big role in boosting the prevention measures of corona virus. He adds that due to the radio talks shows, people are adhering to the standard operating procedures including hand washing, social distancing, wearing masks and others.


The health expert also adds that since they have sponsored radio talks shows, community spread of corona virus cases in the district have reduced almost to 80%. He is also attributing the down fall  of community spread of the virus to lockdown.


“In the first wave we lost ten people, six were from Buliisa whereas the rest where residing in other district but borne of Buliisa. This second wave we haven’t lost any one and we are attributing this to lockdown and health radio talks which have eased the work of sensitising the community on dangers of corona virus.” He adds.


Dr. Mugabe is appreciating the efforts LACWADO is injecting in the district health department mostly during this era of corona virus, he is also appealing to the community to be vigilant and continue observing standard operating procedures since the cases are dropping.


Richard Kajura the LACWADO Project Officer explains that since they work closely with the health centres in Buliisa district, they decided to sponsor health radio talk shows to sensitize the community on the deadly corona virus.

The project officer also explains that since children are at home, there is need to sensitize the community on dangers of corona virus, and also improving the nutrition of children which can be done through health radio talks shows. He explains the parents have been also encouraged to plant more vegetatables to boost the immune system of the children to keep them health and safe to beat the virus.


“Through radio talk shows, many families we have visited are vigilant, and have continued observing the standard operating procedures, and many have embraced planting vegetables to boost their immune systems to beat the virus.” Kajura noted.


He also adds that as the organization, they have donated hand washing facilities to the families, and business operators which has also boosted the prevention measures. Kajura has asked the community to be vigilant and continue observing the standard operating procedures to contain the spread of the virus.


Buliisa district has 124 accumulative cases of corona virus, 49 are active cases under home based care and out of the active cases, 40 have been withdrawn from the community and are getting treatment at the health facilities, then 10 have died of the virus


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