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Kapelebyong District Launches New Covid-19 Vaccination Center

Francis Akorikin, Lc 5 chairman Kapelebyong District



Kapelebyong district Covid-19 task-force has endorsed Akore primary school in Akore Town Council to become a new Covid-19 vaccination center.

Francis Akorikin, the LC5 chairperson has said the aim is to decongest Acowa health center III which has been the main vaccination unit.

“Ever since the vaccination exercise resumed a couple of days back, area locals have positively responded to taking the vaccine and as a result, the health centre has been congested,” he explained.

Akorikin added that the situation has been exacerbated by the big number of other patients who continue flocking into the health centre with different ailments.

He further reiterated the people’s outcry of Akoromit sub-county and Akore town council not having any health center which has affected the rollout of Covid-19 vaccination and limited access to healthcare in the district.

Akorikin said constructing a health centre in those administrative areas would be in line with the district’s plan to see that health services are taken nearer to the people.

“Our District Covid-19 task-force is now focusing on mass mobilization for vaccination and we are aiming at vaccinating at least 50 % of our population by close of December,” he asserted.

He said the major problem that communities have been complaining about is the long distance to Acowa Health Center, the main vaccination center.

Kapelebyong district received 4,000 dozes of vaccines and currently it is carrying out the vaccination exercise to various categories of people including teachers, health workers and the elderly people, among others.

The District boss now encourages area locals to massively turn up for the vaccination exercise since the new services have been brought to their door step.

“Now there is no reason of any one challenging the vaccination exercise because of the distance to the facility. I now encourage the locals of Acowa Sub-county and Akore Town council to go for vaccination and secure their future against Covid-19,” he said.

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