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Deputy Resident District Commissioner Kanungu Gad Rugaju addressing the NRM Nyekundire group members.
The Kanungu National Resistance Movement (NRM) Nyekundire group has organized scientific celebrations for the victory of NRM in Kanungu district, and Uganda as whole during January 2021 general elections.
The scientific function was presided over by Gad Rugaju the Deputy Resident District Commissioner Kanungu as the guest of honor representing the fountain of honor HE President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.
The group that held scientific celebrations on Sunday split into two with one at Kanyantorogo town council and another at Kihihi town council, and this was done to avoid overcrowding in one place to contain the spread of the deadly corona virus.
James Birakwate the vice chairperson of the group represented the chairperson, Donato Kananura who was unable to attend due to other serious engagements in Kampala applauded Gad Rugaju for representing the President Museveni, and assured him that as NRM are proud of him and can see a future and continuity of NRM in Kanungu District.
“We are here legally, our chairperson who is not here with us agreed with internal affairs minister, Kahinda Otafire, who advised us to have smaller groups in different areas during our celebrations,” he said.
Birakweta said members have kept their excitement since January and thought they could not keep it any more thus a reason to hold it in such a way. “This time round we won with 84.6% up from 52% that we got in previous elections which is a reason to have this celebration,” he said.
He added that NRM Nyekundire group is all over the district but headquartered in Kinkiizi west constituency at Kihihi town council and was formed shortly before the 2016 general elections to counter the Go forward pressure group. “We have forty active members at every cell in all 527 villages that we have in Kanungu and that’s a reason we got a high percentage of support for NRM in the district,” he noted.
Birakwate added that the Nyekundire group does not ask for money or praises while executing their work, they are just self motivated as their name suggests. The group represented songs, poems and traditional dances all suggesting that President Museveni should lead Uganda until God calls him.
“What the choirs are singing, they are right because this government has changed the lives of the people for better which other governments failed to do,” Birakweta said.
Mzee James Birakwate said that though they still have covid19 challenges, the group seeks to meet President Yoweri Museveni through the leaders of the group and have a meeting with him.
“As Bakiga tradition we cannot visit an important person empty handed, we have already gathered things including goats, hens, and other food stuffs so that when we are allowed to see him we go with them and for the purposes of this function we have brought some which we are going to hand over to the Deputy RDC Gad Rugaju who will keep them until time comes when we shall be invited to Rwakitura and we add what we have in our homes as we go,” Birakwate added.
NRM Nyekundire group members presenting their gifts to the Gad Rugaju the Deputy RDC Kanungu.
Gad Rugaju the Deputy RDC Kanungu said that had if not been the efforts of NRM Nyekundire group, the NRM would not have achieved such tremendous support in Kanungu.
He said that the government under the leadership of Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has done a lot in Kanungu which is a reason they should support him and his government pakalast.
“For those who forget so fast, President Museveni gave us a Shs860M fish pond project for the youth which is going on well though it had some little management challenges which we are sorting out. When the dry spell destroyed our gardens he gave us three irrigations scheme at Matanda which I also found with challenges but now working very well, we get food throughout the year and the recent project is tarmac road that is under construction now,” he said.
Rugaju also said the company that took up the construction of the tarmac road is not doing the work to the satisfaction of the leaders which can discredit the government. “We have held many meetings here with our Hon Minister Dr Chris Baryomunsi of delayed works of this company and even shoddy work and we made them repeat where we are not satisfied,” he said.
He added that their contract time is now at 86% while the work is still at less than 30%. Chico engineering company contracted the construction of 78Km tarmac road from Ishasha to Rukungiri three years ago but little has been done according to Deputy RDC Gad Rugaju.
The secretary general of the group, Herbert Twebaze said they have income generating  projects for the members in every parish which they start for themselves. He thanked the DRDC for the fatherly love he has for Nyekundire NRM group and confessed that before Rugaju came they were like orphans but the association of Rugaju Gad as DRDC has given them a hope for continuity especially the youth that had lost hope and had began defecting to NUP.
“This is a rich organisation, we have pigs, goats, poultry and many other projects in every parish where we get profits annually. On top we started a SACCO which is also doing very well,” he said.
Kedress Turyahabwe, the woman leader in the group, said women in Kanungu district have decided not to change president unless they are still breathing.
“Kanungu being at the extreme end in the country other leaders rejected it and its this regime that has done a lot of things that affect women directly and indirectly which is the reason that we don’t want to change the top leadership,” she said.
She added that among the things which the government put in place include health facilities, electricity, gravity water and good roads which other governments had failed to do.
Go forward joining the Nyekundire group
The former district coordinator of Go forward pressure group, Hon Ali Rugomwa said they have all come back home in the original NRM.
“There was no big difference even today, Amama Mbabazi who was leading that pressure group if NRM go toward still subscribing to the government and NRM, I therefore appeal to you not to reject any member of go forward to associate with you because we all remained NRM,” he said.
Rugomwa added that during the 2016 elections, those who supported Amama Mbabazi were right since he was our son here and those who supported President Museveni were extremely right because is the founder of NRM.
“I personally I talked to president Yoweri Museveni during 2016 elections and I told him my stand and why I was supporting Mbabazi because is the one who introduced me to Museveni during 1982 bush war, I sent many youth in the bush including my brother who was in S5 by then,” he said.
He added that the return to the original NRM should be welcomed and all other members who have already registered their interest to come back.
“We should not allow NUP to recruit our Youth here because the NRM is leaving them out in its programs. Let’s embrace all so that we again go back to 99% support for NRM as we used to get,” he advised.
DRDC Gad Rugaju informed the Nyekundire group that NUP is recruiting seriously in Kigezi Sub Region with a base in Kanungu district assisted by some NRM leaders which is a pity but assured them that as long as he is still DRDC Kanungu this must die a natural death.
“Elections and campaign ended and people must work together with elected leaders to improve their household incomes. Tell these NUP people coming to you for recruitment that you are committed to your party NRM and also work together with RDC and DRDC to design programs for the youth in Kanungu,” he told them.


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