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Jese Constructs Public Toilets To Improve Sanitation In Buliisa Landing Sites

One of the latrines constructed by the organisation in Buliisa



In an effort to improve sanitation and hygiene at the landing sites in Buliisa district, Jese, a nongovernmental organization has come in to support the community by constructing public toilets.

The organization is constructing permanent latrines at a cheaper price ranging from sh300,000 to sh450,000 depending on the population at each landing site.

Jese, which is a joint effort organization aimed at saving the environment, is operating in districts of Kabarole, Ntoroko, Kamwenge, Kyenjonjo, Kikube, Bunyangabu and Buliisa district.

Its officials have said that very soon they will expand their activities in other districts.

In an interview shortly after the engagement of local leaders, John Paul Jamwa, a water, sanitation and hygiene project officer at Jese, said that in Buliisa District the organization came in 2009.

He said since then, they have concentrated on improving hygiene and sanitation in Walukuba parish in Butiaba sub-county where they constructed four toilets at Walukuba primary school and in Kijangi sub-county where one toilet was constructed.

Landing sites along the Lake Albert have faced problem of toilets frequently collapsing, especially during the rainy seasons.

Jamwa said that after conducting several surveys, it was found that the people were practicing open defecation, hence the Jese intervention.

“We came in and begun involving the community on how they can have an open defecation free area. This is when we began constructing the public toilets,” he said.

Maurine Atuhairwe, the Health Assistant in Butiaba sub-county acknowledged that Walukuba was an area where open defecation is common, but she also said the same practice of people defecating in the open is also done in Kisinja, Karuka and Kamagongoro all in Butiaba.

“Some of the community members are using idle land, bushy areas, road sides, garbage sites and the vicinity of collapsed latrines as places for defecation. This is putting the lives of the people at the risk of contracting diseases like cholera,” she warned.

Abdala Opio, a resident in Walukuba appreciated Jese for improving on the hygiene by constructing toilets for the local community.

He urged the local leaders to join hands with Jese in fighting against open defecation since most of the people are still lacking latrines as some of their latrines were swept by floods.


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