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Alliance in Motion’s empowerment staff being arrested in Arua


ARUA: FRIDAY, MAY 20, 2022

About two months ago, Babra Faith ALu, 20, a resident of Lira received a phone call from an unknown person who promised her a wonderful project of national empowerment.

She was told that the project ran from Arua City has a start payment of sh350,000 per month, rising to unlimited levels of earning depending on one’s performance.

Following the persuasion, Alu abandoned the boutique she was working in at Lira and dashed for the promised windfall in Arua.

On arrival, she was ushered into a polished office at Isoko Plaza manned by smartly dressed ladies and gentlemen.

The conference area had over 200 youths listening to lectures from the “empowerment officers” in shifts and one of the officials identified himself as Collins, also from Lira, which increased Alu’s confidence.

Alu was taken through a lengthy briefing session that included an introduction on a company called Alliance in Motion a.k.a Aim Global that was providing magical Saudi Arabian Coffee and Philippino non therapeutic food supplements with curative properties for every disease known to mankind.

The products which were given to the girls after they surrendered sh1m each

The company staff told her that she would be earning quicker and more by bringing in new people that would increase her network.

Then, she was told that the entry requirement was sh1m which would be used for buying for her a laptop computer and a pair of suits for her smartness.

“They told me to lie to my mummy in order for her to pay the money. I was told not to disclose the name of the company and the nature of the project,” she said.

After three days, her mother sent the sh1m after borrowing a loan that she expected the daughter to pay from her anticipated earnings.

But two months on mummy is still unaware that her gorgeous daughter is stranded in Arua, only surviving on mangoes whose season’s end is fast approaching.

On Wednesday, Alu together with Vicky Akello and another girl (who even does not speak English) but with whom they were crammed in a small single room in Ociba, a suburb of Arua City, reported the racket to the Resident City Commissioner (RCC), Alice Akello.

Some of the girls who are stranded in Arua City after they were conned sh1m

Vicky Akello, 28, is a resident of Nwoya district and was a community facilitator with ZOA, earning sh250,000 a month before the con masters duped her to resign.

“For all this time I have been in Arua, I have not sold anything or convinced anybody to join. I am hungry, they don’t give us food and the rent they paid is expiring on 23rd of this month,” she narrated.

After listening to their ordeal and discovering that there are hundreds of such helpless youths in the City, RCC Akello set the security operation in motion.

Together with the police and internal security officers, they closed the offices of the shadowy Alliance in Motion, a company of questionable repute.

The following day, the racket staff changed tactics by going to train people in hotel rooms, prompting arrest of nine of them including Collins.

“We are in a spoilt world. These people are going to be taken to Court and they must refund all the money they have stolen from these children,” Akello said furiously.

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