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By Goodluck Musinguzi

Christopher Nsamba was determined to build the First African Baby Incubator from Uganda after returning from United States of America. He was short of cash, all his networks hard been exhausted. Government officials were not forthcoming or later alone understand what he was meaning.

He woke up one day decided to look for Dr Diana Atwine , the President’s Doctor and Head od Monitoring Unit at State House.

“She was going to be the last government official I will be contacting if I fail my plans was to return back to United States of America. She welcomed me very well, listened to my plans”, said Chris Nsamba.

Nsamba says Dr Diana Atwine started sharing her personal money whenever we got low on cash to push me. She had promised to support in anyway.

The support came starting 2014, 2015 and 2016 it was a trying moment as we were encroaching on her salary.

The day we heard announcement on radio and television that Dr Diana Atwine had been elevated to the Office of Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health is the day our lives changed. We called her on phone to congratulate her.

” I might not be the final Person in this country but I will do my best to see you achieve your dream”, Nsamba says.

We finished the First African Baby Incubator with her support, we decided to take it to Mukono General Hospital.

That Baby Incubator at Mukono won us an award from the Uganda National Council of Science which was later turned into Ministry of Science in the Office of the President.

“I gave out the Baby Incubator so that it saves babies, our mothers and saves government from buying Incubators from abroad. Ministry of Health after testing it with great results they decided to support me so that I start on another project”.

Christopher (Chris) Nsamba, from Ugandan, designed and manufactured a modern baby incubator that should contribute in saving premature lives in Neonatal Intensive Care Units in Uganda and elsewhere in Africa, provided he can be backed up financially. The machine is fully automatic, controlled by a touch screen monitor and runs on Windows operating system.

Manufactured and tested in Uganda, this incubator can monitor oxygen in babies’ blood as well as their heart beats per minute and show a pulse graph of the heart. If a baby stops breathing, the machine will immediately trigger an alarm system. The machine is also equipped with a wireless device which transmits data so that a nurse, for instance, can monitor the incubator at a distance.

Chris Nsamba’s incubator produces oxygen from its environment and the temperature can be set between 32° and 38° C. It is also designed with an anti-mosquito system which is controlled by the machine’s computer that automatically humidifies and sanitizes the



By Goodluck Musinguzi

Christopher (Chris) Nsamba was born like other ordinary children in Kampala who like to play football, watch movies, help parents with home chores as they go to school. However, Nsamba was one young man with eyes on technology, he would pick anything near him and tries to open it.

At 10 years ,Nsamba asked someone to teach him to drive a car later he visited garages to see how wiring of cars is done. During the same period he started wiring his mother’s house so that they can get electricity.

At 14 years Chris Nsamba had started fixing 2L diesel engines in the suburbs of Kampala and Senior Driver though without a driving license . He studied at Shimoni Demonstration School in the center of Kampala from Primary One to Primary Seven.

Chris Nsamba’s skills won him a trip to the United States of America where he was enrolled at W.T White Campus in Dallas. At school he performed well in Physics, biology and later on perfected his skills in Astro physics and Astro biology.

Astrophysicists study objects in the universe, including galaxies and stars to understand what they are made of, their features, their histories, and how they were formed. They might study the formation of the solar system, or the composition of the atmosphere of planets millions of light years away.

You will need to study seriously because Astrophysics combines a lot of disciplines. You will seriously have to work on the math and physics and understand the interrelations. The puzzles of astrophysics will be a lot harder, possibly frustrating.

Astrobiology encompasses the search for habitable environments in our Solar System and on planets around other stars; the search for evidence of prebiotic chemistry or life on Solar System bodies like Mars, Jupiter’s moon Europa, and Saturn’s moon Titan; and research into the origins, early evolution.

Armed with this knowledge he returned to Uganda to put into practice what he had studied. His two projects include making a plane and drones plus baby incubators.

All of them involve taking human beings in space or surviving in space surrounded by machines.

The Young Chris Nsamba knocked on each door to sell his ideas but most of the government officials never listened to him.

He says one day he looked for Dr Diana Atwine, the Head of Health Monitoring Unit in the President’s Office. She listened to Chris Nsamba and promised to help.

In the next story we shall explore how President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni called Chris Nsamba on phone but his appointment has failed to materialize after 10 years.



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