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By Innocent Atuganyira.
Though corona virus has hit hard the health systems in the entire world, many different stakeholders in Bunyoro subregion including politicians, non government organizations, well wishers and others have boosted the work of ministry of health through procuring different health equipments for both government and private health centers.
Recently, each member of parliament received UGX200M from the government of Uganda to procure an official duty vehicle to boost their work.
Instead of utilizing the shs200M to procure his vehicle, Hon. Joab Businge Abwooli the member of parliament for Masindi Municipality has used part of the money to procure an ambulance for his constituency.
“I wouldn’t buy expensive vehicle when our people need support in evacuating patients to health centers for treatment.” He notes. Businge adds there has been need for another ambulance to support the one for the government at Masindi General Hospital.
The politician adds that the hospital ambulance has been overloaded, mostly when there are two or more patients who need referral. “I have spent part of the money for vehicles to procure the ambulance to boost the work of the ministry of health mostly during this time of pandemic.” He further noted.
He also noted instead of hiring private vehicles, people can fuel the ambulance and evacuate the patients to other health centers. Businge is the first member of parliament from Masindi district to procure an ambulance this year, he used the part of money meant for procuring his personal vehicle to save the lives of Ugandans.
Masindi General Hospital right now has two ambulances, and these will help to boost the work of the ministry of health mostly during this hard time of corona virus.
According to James Musinguzi a resident of Bulyasojo cell in Central Division Masindi Municipality, the ambulance will help to support the ministry of health mostly in evacuating patients. He adds that the only ambulance Masindi General Hospital wasn’t enough most during this trying moment.
Grace Ayebale has appreciated the area member of parliament for supporting the government. She has also asked other leaders to backup the ministry of health to save lives of Ugandans.


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