Gulu Main market has been reopened after vendors called off their protest



Gulu main market has finally reopened after four hours of engagement involving city authority, market vendors and security officials in response to a protest of vendors.

The market was closed down yesterday in the morning by the vendors after learning that their request to meet city authority to discuss matters of their concern was turned down.

Power inconsistency, Poor water supply, Poor Sanitation, and alleged hike in rental fees, and signing of tenancy agreement were some of the issues which the vendors wanted to table and also expect to be worked on by the city authority.

Christine Aber, fresh fish dealer, accused city authorities of hiking rental fees without engaging the vendors yet they are still recovering from the effect of the Covid-19.

Jacqueline Langol, a tailor in the market, asked the city council officials to explain the criteria used to come up with the new rental fees and asked them to improve health and sanitation inside the market.

Patrick Omaya, the chairperson of the market, while addressing the leaders said that vendors are not happy with city authority for not solving the issues raised yet vendors are crying and suffering because of these grievances.

Alfred Okwonga, the Mayor of Gulu city said they were not aware of the increment in rental fees and promised to handle the matter during the full council meeting on Thursday (Tomorrow).

Joyce Alima, the Speaker of Gulu City Council, said she has not presided over any motion concerning the increment in rental fees in Gulu main Market and asked vendors to avail them with receipts of the payment for new rate so that the person is investigated.

Denis Odwong, the RCC of Gulu city, advises the vendors to remain calm and use the right procedures to channel their complaints as they expect response from the leaders.

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