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Bunyoro Traditional Herbalists Claim To Invent Covid-19 Medicine, Seek NDA Approval

Some of the herbal extracts that Bunyoro herbalists claim to have made to cure covid-19



A section of traditional herbalists in Bunyoro are seeking approval from the National Drug Authority (NDA) for their herbal extract that they claim can treat Coronavirus disease (Covid-19).

The group under the Bunyoro Kitara Herbalists Association, said that they have been conducting research about the effectiveness of their herbs for the last one year and it was found to be curative.

The drug named Murungi (which means good in Runyoro), is in the form of a syrup extracted from different herbs, explained Deo Kakura, the chairman for Bunyoro Kitara Herbalists Association.

Kakura claimed that there are four other individual herbalists who have also produced herbal drugs that allegedly can be used in the treatment of Covid-19 patients.

He said that they have submitted their samples to National Drug Authority (NDA), the regulator for human and animal drugs for tests and approval.

“Bunyoro is rich in medicinal trees which can cure many diseases and we are inventing these medicines to treat our people,” he averred.

It is not clear if the herbalists are aware of the guidelines set by the World Health Organisation to regulate the development of herbal medicines in Africa.

However, Christopher Luzinda, the NDA regional manager for Bunyoro, warned the people against using the herbalists ‘medicines’ on grounds that NDA has not granted approval to the herbal extracts, apart from Covidex which was cleared for management of viral infections on June 29, 2021.

Luzinda said he welcomed all the attempts by different players to invent drugs for covid-19 and attempts by the Bunyoro herbalists to follow the regulatory procedures.

But for the time being, he cautioned them against putting their herbal extracts in the market for sale.

Luzinda appealed to the media to join NDA in sensitizing the public on where and how to access quality drugs and treatment for Covid-19.

He expressed concern over manufactures of energy drinks who advertise in the media claiming their drinks can cure diseases, something NDA has not verified.


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