By Goodluck Musinguzi

With emergencies happening every minute or hour in Kampala Metropolitan Area, improved Ambulance services will help in reducing avoidable death and disability.

Dr. Diana Atwine, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health has today assessed the readiness of the Naguru Ambulance Station to host the emergency medical services call and dispatch center.

This centre will coordinate Ambulance access around Kampala Metropolitan area according to Emmanuel Ainebyoona, Senior Public Relations Officer Ministry of Health.

An Ambulance is a political tool in Uganda’s political context, the lack of one makes people curse the government or the incumbent Member of Parliament. Most MPs have bought ambulances to help their voters in times of need.

Every human being is a possible candidate to be on an ambulance depending on what goes on in our lives. Covid19 pandemic has made it worse as regards the demand for ambulance services.

Aware of this demand Ministry of Health came up with a policy that will centralize ambulances so that the burden put on health centers or hospitals is reduced in terms of maintaining them.

Some Losers in the last elections withdrew ambulances they had donated or have a tendency of taking back things they had given to people which is not a good gesture. 

Some Critics of Government say the only ambulance they see in Kampala is the one following the president’s motorcade. That the government in Uganda doesn’t give a crap about public health, except to use it as a tool to beg for more aid money.

The government faced more criticism when a Boda Boda rider in Kampala helped General Wamala Katumba to hospital after being shot at by terrorists. Not a UPDF ambulance, helicopter……but a boda guy they treat like nobodies in their country helped one of them.

With all these views from different people, the Ministry of Health put a policy that would improve ambulance services on the roads and water. Funding has always been a challenge that is being sorted as the country fights back against the Covid19 pandemic.

Recently Members of Parliament inspected 7 of the 14 Water Ambulance boats expected to be deployed on water bodies across Uganda.


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By Goodluck Musinguzi

Ministry of Health developed an Ambulance System that is supposed to ensure quick evacuation of patients that require urgent medical attention. The country requires 460 ambulances both in hospitals and highways. However, communities living on the islands in the lakes have cried to the government for the same facilities.

Dr. Diana Atwine, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health says this component of emergency remained under-funded for some years until when Covid19 pandemic emerged. The Ministry decided to budget for highly specialized boat ambulances to cater for the lakes.

7 Highly Specialized boat ambulances have been received at the UPDF Marine base in Entebbe waiting for clearance that is done by the Ministry of Works and Transport and training of personnel to handle them. Along the way, some Members of Parliament and media started speculating that boat ambulances were not bought or were stolen.

Ministry of Health allowed the Members of Parliament to access and inspect these boat ambulances because they pass budgets that buy these equipment.

By press time we could not get the statement of Dr. Charles Ayume, the Chairman Health Committee of Parliament who led the delegation. UPDF is safely protecting the boat ambulances awaiting distribution.

Earlier we updated on the subject of boat ambulances the first in Uganda.

The Ministry of Health has received 4 more highly specialized boat ambulances from the manufacturers to help strengthen emergency care services for communities staying on Islands situated in water bodies in Uganda.

“We ordered for 14 Highly Specialized boat ambulances that will be deployed on water bodies in Uganda. We received the first consignment of 3 boat ambulances in February 2021 and the second consignment has been received in August”, Dr. Diana Atwine said.

Dr Diana Atwine, Permanent Secretary Ministry of Health says the boat ambulances will not be taken to districts yet as they have to be issued with water worthiness certificate that allows them to operate in the country.

4 out of the 11 more boat ambulances expected have been delivered at the Marines pier in Entebbe. This will make a total of 14 boat ambulances to respond to health emergencies in island communities.

Yesterday we updated on the first three boats that are ready for deployment.

Ministry of Works and Transport has tested 3 highly specialized boat ambulances bought by the Ministry of Health to strengthen emergency care services on water bodies in Uganda. They have been issued with a water worthiness certificate that allows such boats to operate in the country.

The 3 boat ambulances will be deployed in the districts of Amolatar, Buvuma, and Kalangala. Dr. Diana Atwine, the Permanent Secretary says they had prioritized boat ambulances in the budgets before Covid19.

“When the Country was locked down the communities staying around the water bodies found it difficult to access healthcare services. We budgeted for many boat ambulances, the first consignment reached in the country in February 2021”, said Dr. Diana.

For security reasons, the boats had to be properly marked, train the personnel who will use them. These boats will improve maternal health care in hard-to-reach areas.

Emergency response on water bodies is going to improve so that in case of disasters people don’t die if all they need is emergency medical services.

Some districts in Uganda that are surrounded by water bodies include Kalangala, Buvuma, Jinja, Buikwe, Masaka, Hoima, Buliisa, Ntoroko, Mukono, and Namayingo. Others are Kaberamaido, Kaliro, Kamuli, Rakai, Mpigi, Mayuge, Nebbi and Kasese.

The boat ambulances will boost other investments done by Uganda Police and Uganda People’s Defence Forces on water bodies. The forces have been using their boats which do not have the necessary equipment to offer emergency health services.

Emergency Preparedness and response on water bodies in Uganda have been boosted with boat ambulances. Health workers using these boats will have the best-equipped intensive care unit in each boat that can be used to save patients.

Some people have been doubting that Uganda will ever buy boat ambulances. Dr. Diana Atwine says the Uganda National Ambulance Services that was launched in 2015 has been boosted with many ambulances. The launch of these boat ambulances will be announced soon.





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