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Florian Rehli and Iris Knabe listening attentively to Ajedra on Thursday



The Arua fruit juice factory has finally resumed operation following intervention from the German Development Agency, GIZ.

On Thursday, Florian Rehli, the Addis-Ababa based German Foreign Office regional representative for refugee affairs in company of embassy officials from Kampala paid a working visit to the factory to acquaint himself with the progress spurred by the GIZ support.

Emmanuel Ajedra, the proprietor of the Arua fruit juice factory under the Nile Natural Fruit products ltd described the GIZ capacity building program as remarkable.

“I have never started with production fully due to resource constraints but this capacity building made me to start with the little resource. Now I am in production and marketing,” he told the visiting German diplomats.

Currently the company is the supplier of pasteurized tamarind juice of unrivaled quality in Arua City. Other products are hibiscus juice, mangoes juice and cocktail of hibiscus and tamarind. In pipeline are tomato juice, pineapple, avocado and lemon and orange juice.

Factory staff seal labels on freshly made tamarind juice at the Nile Natural Fruit Products factory

Ajedra said some of the key components of the capacity building which began in July 2021 and is slated to last up to July 2022 has been accurate and orderly record keeping for procurement, marketing and human resource and prioritization of business matters.

“The capacity building has improved my ability to recognize important management decisions in the company and similarly to outreach/out growers closer to the Nile Natural Fruit products ltd,” he asserted.

Ajedra revealed that his company’s biggest challenge has been non availability of an affordable development loan facility which has rendered the factory dysfunctional since its commissioning by President Yoweri Museveni on December 19, 2013.

He complained that the commercial loans of Ugandan banks average interest rates are 25% to 30% per annum charged on the principal loan while Uganda development loan facility is at 12% despite the fact that it is the third biggest economy in East Africa.

He said in contrast Egypt gives rural development loan facility at 2.5%, Nigeria at 3%, Ghana at 2.5% and South Africa at 3%, yet these are the leading economies in Africa.

The entrepreneur appealed to the Germans for alternative linkages for affordable development loans and other linkages for capacity building of staff in mechanics and information, communication technology.

Ambassador Rehli expressed delight that GIZ has identified a family based factory to support with capacity building, saying that such companies are many in Germany and is one of the reasons for its economic prosperity.

Nile Natural Fruit Products was conceived in 2009 and formally registered with the Uganda Registration Services Bureau in 2012 as a limited liability company by Ajedra and his family.

Ajedra said he conceived the idea of a fruit company after spotting an opportunity of plenty of mangoes, citrus, passion fruit tamarind and sour soup.

The company was later picked up by the Uganda Industrial Research Institute and the government injected about sh1.2b to facilitate construction of the factory block and supply equipment.

Ajedra projects that the factory would achieve its optimum capacity of processing 50 tons of fruits per week once reliable electricity is supplied with the power from Karuma hydro plant in some months to come.

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  1. Thanks for your technology this will create Job for our youths and opens market for our fruit which some groups of people are grabbing at cheap price.MayGod bless you.

  2. A good start for Arua City industrialization

  3. A very good start of Arua City industrialization

  4. Nice to hear that

  5. Owen Alfred Abidrabo

    Thank you Lord! This has been a long waited production process.Thank you Ndugu Emmanuel for the patience! It’s our pride!

  6. The fact that business Ideas can be generated based on available resources, Skills and Experience.
    Emmanuel Ajedra’s business idea generation based on availability of resources as raw materials is key for successfully manufacturing Business.

  7. im really impressed bybthis industrialization move, it has been unreliable power challenges thats has kept our industrialization level very low. im an agro processing engineering student at busitema university but i would like to pay visit at your plant some day and polish my profession as i serve the community and deliver products with value added and avert the exploitation of the local farmers as others grab their fruits cheaply

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