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Arua District To Host World Rabies Day 2021

Stray Dog are commonly associated with spreading rabies in Arua



On September 24, 2021, Arua district will host the world rabies day aimed at creating awareness in an area plagued by high numbers of rabies cases.

The day will be marketed with activities like free vaccination of dogs and cats, distribution of information, education and communication materials and sensitization through the media.

Arua district veterinary officer, Dr Willy Nguma revealed that the event will be held at Logiri Sub-county where three people died of rabies between January and July this year.

‘’Those people (the deceased) did not get medical attention but instead they got attention from herbalists from DR Congo side after been bitten by rabid dogs,” said Dr Nguma

He added that when they came back to Uganda, it was already too late to arrest the situation because their condition had already deteriorated without post exposure care.

“What is perturbing, is most of these children bitten by Dogs are primary school age children,” he said.

The veterinarian explained that the moment somebody doesn’t get post exposure care after bite by a rabid animal, that person is likely to die with ten to fourteen days.

He advised that to avoid fatalities, anybody bitten by a stray animal like dogs, cats, and jackals should be taken for immediate rabies immune globulin injection, a medication costing between sh40,000 and sh60,000 in the private medical facilities in Arua.

He listed the signs and symptoms according to the clinical classification as fever and loss of appetite, aggressiveness that quickly progresses to excitation, phobia to water and a person beginning to bark like a dog for encephalitic or furious form of rabies; and uncontrolled dropping of saliva, restlessness and confusion in the dump or acute flaccid paralysis form of rabies.

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