Dr Constantine Bitwayiki, addressing the Arua City budget conference on Thursday.



The Arua City council has been told to improve efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery in order to achieve post-Covid-19 pandemic development.

Dr Constantine Bitwayiki, principal consultant at Devinovit Associates and former director for research, innovation and monitoring and evaluation at the National Planning Authority made the call during a consultative budget conference at Desert Breeze hotel on Thursday.

The conference was aimed at laying before the public, the council’s plans for the coming financial year and solicit the input of the people.

“The way services are administered and delivered need to be rethought if Arua City is to secure a fair recovery focused on improved outcomes for every resident in the city,” Dr Bitwayiki underlined.

He noted that local governments have experienced immense financial pressures due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has highlighted the need for them to adapt their strategies to the realities of the time.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that improving efficiency and effectiveness of public service delivery through cost reduction must be prioritized,” he said.

Dr Bitwayiki spoke shortly after the president for the development forum for Arua City, Ceasar Draecabo, had concluded his speech in which he lamented over corruption and petty infighting among politicians and civil servants which among others has led to swindling of funds for road infrastructure like the stalled Mango road and other projects.

The development forum president had called for enhanced communication, transparency and accountability mechanisms to improve service delivery.

“Close leakages in resource management, eliminate corruption at all levels of service delivery and put the private sector at the centre of pushing our development goals,” Draecabo appealed.

Dickson Adomati, deputy resident city commissioner attending the budget conference

Arua deputy resident city commissioner, Dickson Adomati, put the council and their technocrats on notice that his office has been expressly instructed to get stock of all corruption case files at the police and assume personal responsibility for their prosecution.

“So, if you have been involved in corruption know that your time is up because I have already asked the district police commander to compile for the list of all corruption case files,” he said.

Dr Bitwayiki, however said that the starting point for Arua City is to re-evaluate its strategic thrusts through an integrated planning approach in line with the National Development Plan III (NDPIII) with a particular focus on the parish development model.

He added that the city must have a re-designed and well elaborated future development strategy with requisite bankable funding proposals based on local priorities and harness the benefits of digitization in the areas of planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation, transparency and accountability.

“Take advantage of available opportunities for partnerships including central government, development partners, private sector, nongovernmental organisations, among others,” he said.

Dr Bitwayiki informed the council that Devinovit will be happy to help Arua City with technical assistance through both paid and unpaid collaborative arrangement.

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