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ARUA: Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Covid-19 situation in Arua City has taken an ugly turn with the surveillance team reporting a six percent upsurge in new infections within the past week.

The rapid response team coordinated by the Infectious Disease Institute collected and tested 437 samples during the week ended on 25/07/2021.

Out of those samples, 171 tested positive, giving a positivity rate of 43% up from 37% from the previous week, according to the briefing given to the Arua City Covid-19 taskforce on Tuesday.

The report indicates that four of the positive cases were health workers while 57 results were still pending.

More worryingly, the report shows that the surveillance team failed to trace some of the positive cases because their contacts were missing from the test kits.

There are currently 76 cases in active care at the different medical centres in the City of which 43 are at Arua hospital with 27 of them admitted during last week.

At least 63% of those new admissions are people from within Arua City in which the most hit are the former sub counties of Oluko, Manibe and Dadamu in Ayivu Division and River Oli in Central Division.

The surveillance team recorded seven community deaths while one person died from Adumi health centre IV.

“This means that we are not safe because there are so many people living with Covid-19 in the community,” Arua Resident City Commissioner, Martin Oroch reacted.

Accordingly, Oroch scrambled to summon all health assistants and inspectors to mobilize and assemble a three-member village health team in every village or cell and intensify community social mobilization and sensitization.

“The fact that today we are sitting for our ninth meeting means that this taskforce has worked for two months without money, so, everybody who has a role to play in managing this contagion must act. Money will find you in the field,” he said.

Recently the City council passed a supplementary budget of about sh338m of which every village would get sh400,000 to conduct community social mobilization according to the guidelines set out by the ministry of health.

Oroch said anybody who is listed to receive that money must prove their commitment by getting to work without first waiting for the money to be sent to the City’s accounts.

Fearing that the surge in new infections might lead to the Arua regional hospital getting overwhelmed, the taskforce directed an assessment of all health units, both public and private, in the City and ensure that the facilities have their staffs trained to handle Covid-19.

Dr Pontius Apangu, the principal Medical Officer and Sr. Sally Andezo, a senior nurse are to lead the inspections with immediate effect.


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