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Arua City Commissioner Threatens To Ban People Without Vaccination Certificates From Her Office

Arua Resident City Commissioner, Alice Akello



Alice Akello said she was considering the drastic measure because many people were taking the vaccination against covid-19 lightly.

In addition to banning people without vaccination certificates from accessing her office, the Arua Resident City Commissioner said essential service providers who are not vaccinated must stay at home.

”If you are a bodaboda and you don’t have a vaccination card why should you carry people? You are a driver and you are not vaccinated why should you carry people? And even you the pressmen if you are not vaccinated don’t come to my office,” Akello said.

She was speaking during a press briefing at her office on Saturday, five days before the expiry of the AstraZeneca vaccines that were supplied to the City and exactly three days after President Yoweri Museveni warned that he will terminate the contracts of Chief Administrative officers, Town clerks and Resident district Commissioners and Resident city Commissioners of areas where vaccines expire without utilization.

Arua City received 2,800 doses of AstraZeneca and 3,400 doses of Sinovac vaccines early this month with the priority of vaccination with the AstraZeneca given to those eligible for their second dose while Sinovac was reserved for critical categories who are yet to take their first dose.

These are teachers, medical workers, and security personnel, elderly persons who are 50 years and above, students who are 18 from 18 years upwards and those 18 years and above who have co-morbidities.

Currently Arua city’s vaccination statistics for teachers stands at 92% and this has been attributed to massive sensitization.

Dr Pontius Apangu, the City’s principal medical officer said vaccination is currently going on well with thirteen centers operational and daily for people to access services.

Apangu added that with the reopening of places of worship, a larger coverage is expected

“We received about 2,800 AstraZeneca vaccines and 3,400 Sinovac, the ministry of health instructed this time that the AstraZeneca should be distributed to health facilities due to their short lifespan while the Sinovac remained in the District Drug Store. Within a short period of time, we shall kickoff with the Sinovac vaccines,” he explained.

Jackson Atima, the Arua Central Division Member of Parliament advised the RCC to properly mobilise the people to get vaccinated.

He also urged her to take a lead in enforcing presidential directives aimed at curbing the spread of Covid-19 such as the ban on discos.

“Why some of us pull out our own money to support the taskforce is because we want to ensure the vaccines are utilized and many more are given to cover the entire population of the city. We are having drive-in in the city, we have set public address systems moving around the city calling on the public to go and vaccinate at the designated points,” Atima explained.

Arua city’s positivity rate of the coronavirus stands at 6.2% in the latest tabulation, meaning that in every one hundred people tested at least six are positive with Covid-19.

However, Arua city on the performance in the vaccination exercise was rated among the worst on coverage within the priority groups nationally, falling far behind Pakwach district that topped West Nile’s standing.

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