Alero Community In Diaspora Donates PPE To Health Centers In Nwoya District

Staff of Alero Health Center III receiving PPE donated by Alero Community in diaspora

BY JOHNISANI OCAKACON                  


The Alero community in diaspora have donated Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) worth sh3m to aid in the fight against Covid-19 in five health centers in Nwoya District.

The items that were donated to these health centers includes medical gloves, hand gloves for mopping, liquid soap, brushes, hand sanitizers, towels, buckets, and face masks among others.

These items were given to Alero Health Center III, Lungulu Health Center II, Langol Health Center II, Panokrach Health Center II and Lulyango Health Center II in the sub counties of Lungulu, Paminyai and Alero all in Nwoya district.

Shilla Adyero, a representative of the diaspora community who handed over the items to health centers’ management said some of these health centers lack PPE, thus exposing health workers to the risk of Covid-19.

“We realized that there was need to support health centers, particularly health center II and III after we did quick assessment to understand their conditions. We decided to raise money to buy these PPE to improve the working conditions for the health workers,” Adyero said.

She said the same support will be extended to other sub-counties within the district, especially health centers to ensure that the health system is supported to fight Covid-19.

Mark Odokonyero, Nwoya District Surveillance Focal Person who doubles as senior clinical officer in-charge of Alero Health Center III, who received the donations asserted that Alero is one of the sub-counties where Covid-19 prevalence is high.

“This donation has come timely at the time we need it more because health staff have run short of PPE in the unit. We hope this will improve our work as we serve the community who come to get treatment at the health facility,” Odokonyero added.

He said the number of people who come for Covid-19 test have increased that in a day the unit can see over thirty to fifty patients and out that ten people can be diagnosed positive with Covid-19.

The health assistance at Alero health center III, Jasper Ogwal said the patients who have been diagnosed with coronavirus are sent back home under home base care basing on their health condition and monitored by a health worker and village health team.

“Under home base care we look at the condition of the patients and the aligned diseases that can put them into danger, then we refer these patients to Gulu Regional Referral Hospital for further treatment.”

Ogwal said the taskforce committee is moving in the community especially in public places like market and health centers to sensitize people on danger of Covid-19 and how to prevent it.

Similarly, the in-charge Langol Health center II, Wilfred Adot said the health center is faced with shortage of PPEs, putting lives of the health workers at risk as they work on patients.

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