Adjumani District Turns To UNHCR To Replenish Drug Stocks

Dr. Dominic Drametu, Adjumani District Health Officer



The Adjumani district chairman Anyama Ben has asked the UNHCR to replenish the medical stocks in the district saying that all health units are running dangerously low of medical supplies.

There are 44 health facilities in Adjumani serving a population of 250,000 nationals and an almost equivalent number of refugees from South Sudan.

Anyama said because the regular supplies from the National Medical Stores (NMS) do not factor in the refugee population, this leads to quick draining of the supplies from the health units.

He repeated the concerns during an address to the district council on September 14, 2021.

“I know some of my detractors will start making comparisons with the previous council but such comparisons must be treated with all the contempt it deserves,” he said.

The chairman disclosed that NMS issued circulars in August notifying all local governments that the next circle of drugs delivery will be in December 2021,since government is constrained with Covid -19 responses.

Anyama said to bridge the gap, his office is engaging the UNHCR to step in and help the districts health facilities stockpile medicines and supplies.

The Adjumani district health officer (DHO) Dr Dominic Drametu in a separate interview concurred with the statement of the district chairman, describing the situation as critical.

He said his team has compiled a list of essential drugs and other medical supplies that are in urgent need and forwarded to the UN refugee Agency for attention because December is too far, given the level of drug stock outs.

“This morning when I visited the maternity ward in Adjumani general referral hospital, mothers who reported for labor were advised to buy surgical gloves, gauze, cotton wool and most of the drugs that were prescribed,” he revealed.

“The medics in the ward said, without those sundries it would be difficult to touch on mothers and the only alternative is to advise them to buy from private pharmacies.”

The DHO said he has also instructed the in-charges of all health units to use the Results Based Funds for procuring essential drugs.

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